My name is Karin, I´m Slovak, currently in my late 20´s and my motto is that there is no better investment than travelling. It changed me beyond description and I think it´s one of my few real passions.

I used to think that everyone must love travelling and people never get tired of talking about it, but lately I realized this is not the case. That was one of the reasons to try blogging – this way your interest is optional and no longer I get confused whether you really want to hear about my experiences or just making small talk. Also, I feel more comfortable when it comes to writing than in spoken word. Last but not least, a blog gives me opportunity to combine writing with my another passion – photography.

And finally, I hope my stories can be useful for other travellers – to avoid mistakes I made or to get inspired by my choices.

Whatever your reason is to visit my site, thank you – it gives meaning to all of this.